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Brian McFadyen (brian.mcfadyen@gmail.com)
Date:Thu 01 May 2008 03:20:49 PM EDT
Subject:Pictures and other info from Woodbadge
 Just wondering if we are going to be able to find any of the pictures and various other things shared at Woodbadge on this site? Yes, as soon as we receive the information from Don we will post it on the site.
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W7-591-2-04-21 (lawrence@woodbadge.us)
Date:Thu 10 Apr 2008 02:54:04 PM EDT
Subject:Updated Uniform Insignia
 Updated Uniform Insignia Placement posted on web site.
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Marty Val Hill (hillmv@uvsc.edu)
Date:Wed 09 Apr 2008 03:13:56 AM EDT
 Thank you all, in advance, for your hard work and dedication in preparing for this course. I appreciate you giving of yourselves to help me.
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Darren Landon (darren@woodbadge.us)
Date:Mon 04 Sep 2006 12:05:09 AM EDT
 Welcome fellow Wood Badgers! This will be a great course and we look forward to meeting you and growing with you. Let us know how we can make this the best Wood Badge course ever. Your brother in scouting, Darren Landon - Scout Master W7-591-2-08
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