Thank You

Thank you so much for coming to Wood Badge!IMG_1794

I love the spirit of Wood Badge and the principles and lessons it teaches.  Wood Badge takes Scouting from your head and puts it in your heart.


You have the privilege and honor of being a member of the very first Wood Badge Course for Ephraim.  You are setting the foundation of great things to come.  This Wood Badge course will change lives and generations!  You will be that change.  You have the tools, the knowledge and help from our Father in Heaven to make it happen.


Thank you for granting me the pleasure to serve as your Scoutmaster and Course Director.  I am deeply humbled and honored to associate with such great scouters.  You are noble examples to me.


I congratulate you and wish you success in completing your tickets.

I am looking forward to our reunion in February. logo



Follow the Savior – He knows the Way – He is the Way!



Yours in scouting,

Lawrence A. Durtschi Jr.


Scoutmaster & Course Director